[tbpt46] – J. Haydn – String Quartet in G minor Op 74 No 3 ‘Horseman’ (Hob.III:74) – piano transcription

original piano transcription of Joseph Haydn’s String Quartet Op 74 No 3 ‘Horseman’ (Hob.III:74) in G minor

composition date: 1793

transcription date: 2010 (June 02 – November 01)

complete piano transcription (piano solo arrangement) of all 4 movements:

  1. Allegro
  2. Largo assai
  3. Menuetto. Allegretto
  4. Finale. Allegro con brio


IMSLP.org work page (download mp3 / pdf score)


IMSLP.org work page (download mp3 / pdf score)

YouTube channel (embedded links below)


This quartet’s nickname (sometimes also called “Rider”) stems from the fourth movement’s first theme rhytmic pattern, I guess… but then also the first theme in the first movement could apply there.

The quartet is officially in G minor but if you consider the time ratio, most of the time the piece is in major mode – e.g. minor mode is mostly a façade, there are no moments that are truly moody or sad.

The Largo is actually in E major (a key “far” from G minor). I transcribed it at the digital piano and then ported it on the computer. I like it a lot but I’m especially proud of how its last bars turned out (I really dig that last low E, it gives me goosebumps everytime 🙂 it must be played pp but with “tre corde” pedal ) The accelerando in the middle section is a liberty I took while playing.

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