[tbpt54] – E. Grieg – “Reminescences from Mountain and Fjord” Op 44 – piano transcription

original piano transcription of Edvard Grieg’s “Reminescences from Mountain and Fjord” (Rejseminder fra fjeld og fjord) Op. 44

composition date: ?

transcription date: 2010 (September 24 – October 03)

complete piano transcription (piano solo arrangement) of all 6 pieces


IMSLP.org work page (download mp3 / pdf score)


IMSLP.org work page (download mp3 / pdf score)

YouTube channel (embedded links below)


Another “experimental” transcription, another that I did out of curiosity spawned from the title and without a reference recording of the original.

This is a series of 6 lieders with piano accompaniment; the titles are all women names, with the exception of the outer pieces (Prolog, Epilog). My transcriptions are quite literal without adding anything to the original (well, *almost* nothing), in contrast to Grieg’s own wonderful transcriptions of his own lieders (he didn’t transcribe these ones though).

I recommend to start listening with the transcriptions of middle pieces (Ragnhild, Ingebjord, Ragna) – those that turned out “better” in my opinion. The result on the outer pieces is still a bit awkward at first listening, albeit I did put a lot of effort in tuning the chords, arpeggios etc.

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