[tbpt45] – T. Albinoni / R. Giazotto – Adagio in G minor – piano transcription

original piano transcription of “Albinoni’s Adagio” in G minor – actually by Remo Giazotto

composition date: 1949

transcription date: 2010 (February 11, 12)

complete piano solo transcription / arrangement (single movement composition)


MusicaNeo page

Note: since this piece is proved to be a historical “fake” by Remo Giazotto written in 1949, it is not in the public domain, therefore it’s not possible to post it on IMSLP according to its own strict, albeit correct, policies.


YouTube channel (embedded links below)


My own version for piano, with a few liberties here and there.

I tried to bring out my personal view of this piece, which is tragic and tormented rather than simply beautiful and melancholy.


The picture in the video is a photo I took on the way back from work, one evening. I darkened/altered the colors, the saturation etc. sensibly in order to fit more with the mood of the piece.

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