[tbpt25] – W. A. Mozart – Church Sonata No.17 in C major KV 336 – piano transcription

original piano transcription of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Church Sonata (Sonata da Chiesa) No.17 in C major KV 336

composition date: 1780

transcription date: 2009 (17, 18 September 2009)

complete piano transcription / arrangement (single movement composition)


IMSLP.org composition page (download mp3 / pdf score)


IMSLP.org composition page (download mp3 / pdf score)

YouTube channel (embedded links below)


This is the last one Mozart wrote, and also the only one where the organ plays extensive passages as solo; that’s why this work looks more like the opening allegro of an (hypothetic) organ concerto than a church sonata. In this case the solo instrument much resembles the piano (two hands), so transcribing the solo passages was easy, little work to do beside writing the notes as they are in the original.

The real challenge of transcribing concerto-like pieces (with a “solo” voice / instrument facing a “tutti” ensemble) for a solo instrument is to bring out the respective solo / tutti shadings each passage is supposed to have… by only using the means of a solo instrument. For example I chose to transpose one octave lower the whole first passage in order to make the following solo entrance stand out more as it should. It is by resorting to such eyebrow-raising “tricks” that the end result turned out much better than a more literal transcription would have, I think.

To add to the challenge, a cadenza is supposed to be played near the end (more evidence of the concerto-like nature of the piece), so I wrote and slipped in my own. Well I had no other choice since Mozart’s original one was not included in the score (actually I think it was never written out to begin with, as is the case with some piano concertos and other works) and of course I couldn’t get hold of the one played in the recording of the original I heard. But, hey, after all, I’m a composer too! Why not take this chance to try my (composer) hand with a new genre? So I did.

This is the first cadenza I ever wrote; the version you hear in the youtube video is slightly different from the final, official version I posted as mp3 on IMSLP.org. In the final version I fixed (changed) a few spots that sounded “quirky” or (too) immature to me at a second glance.

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