[tbpt114] – W. A. Mozart – Duo for Violin and Viola in B flat major KV 424 – piano transcription

original piano transcription of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Duo for Violin and Viola in B flat major KV.424

composition date: 1783

transcription date: 2013 (29, 30 April 2013)

complete piano transcription / arrangement of all 3 movements:

  1. Adagio – Allegro
  2. Andante cantabile
  3. Tema con Variazioni (Andante grazioso)


IMSLP.org composition page (download mp3 / pdf score)


IMSLP.org composition page (download mp3 / pdf score)

YouTube channel (embedded links below)


I always find the slow, expressive movements to be the harder to transcribe. In this case it was the Adagio introduction to the first movement, rather than the central one. It would give me a headache just by looking at it, so I kept putting it off (with the result of stalling the whole project) until a day when I finally decided to tackle it and bring it down: that was on 1 September 2012. I remember I just reluctantly but painstakingly wrote down the notes of the first page in MIDI until it was done, but it felt so much like a tiresome and unwanted task I didn’t even bother to listen once to what I wrote on that day, just leaving it to the next time… which came half a year later during Easter break. Funny how it had to turn out… the music on that page is as beautiful as the others, but all those short notes and ornamentos and thingummies really put me off.
The rest of the transcription proceeded smoothly as expected, the only true hande was the introduction.
I sped up the tempo of the last movement, bringing it to an “Allegretto” for the same old reason behind most of the liberties I take: because it sounded better to me 🙂

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