Welcome to the “travels by piano” project home page.

“travelsbypiano” is a collective label for my own original compositions and transcriptions for (classical) piano.

This site’s purpose is to serve as a catalog of works (under construction) and central info/reference point: most of the actual musical content (i.e. videos, mp3, pdf scores) is not directly posted here but on other sites:

  • YouTube channel – listen to the music here; new content posted regularly
  • Load.CD – where you can purchase and download the pdf scores
  • imslp.org – another place to download pdf scores from – the free ones

At the moment my distribution strategy goes as follows:

  • for the audio side, you can listen to everything posted (I hope to eventually post all my output there) on the YouTube channel, 100% free; I’m still looking into services where to post ID3 tagged official .mp3 files
  • for the score side, transcriptions require a fee to download while compositions are free of charge

This site is still under construction; my goal is to publish a complete works catalog and write one post for each composition/transcription, with links (where to listen / where to find the scores) and background info. In the meantime, please check out my YouTube channel, which currently hosts all my transcriptions and a fair part of my compositions.

Thank you and enjoy your stay, Roberto